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Company Registrations

In terms of the Companies Act (2008) a company can be registered with or without a name; where a company is registered without a reserved name, it's registration number automatically becomes the company name. This is the quickest way to register a company, at a later stage, a preferred name can be reserved whilst a company is already in operation. In that case you might want to consider registering a Pty company which is the most common and simplest. It is comparable to a close corporation and it can be formed by at least one director. [Close corporations are no longer registered.]

Non Profit Companies

A non profit company is a company incorporated solely for public benefit or other reasons related to one or more of social/communal interest. The income or property of a non profit is therefore not distributed to its incorporators, directors, members or any other persons and must be used to advance the purpose for which it was created. A non profit must have at least three incorporators and /or directors at all times.


A co-operative is a distinct form of enterprise where a group of people or members get together voluntarily to address their common interests, such as to provide a service or a product. Profits, known as surpluses, are divided among members in relation to the amount of business each has contributed. Types of co-operatives include agriculture, marketing, housing, financial services, crafts, burial societies and so on. It can be formed by at least five members and should also adhere to certain requirements.

Shelf Companies

A shelf company can be a Pty or a Close corporation which is already registered at CIPC but never traded before and has no assets or liabilities. It is solely registered with the purpose of being sold at a later stage. Normally our clients would buy a shelf company from us if they have a tender or contract at hand which requires them to apply ASAP.

Annual Returns

All Companies and Close corporations are required by law to file their annual returns with CIPC on a yearly basis. CIPC uses this type of service to determine whether a business is still actively operating and to ensure that its latest information is updated or placed on file. Once the annual return is submitted, a certificate will be issued, which can be printed or saved as proof of filing. Failure to comply will result to a business being deregistered from CIPC system over a certain period of time.


We can maintain your business through our reliable and convenient online service; our amendment services includes but not limited to 1) changes of company or cc names 2) filing of special resolutions 3) appointment and resignations of directors or members 4) changes of company or cc information such as addresses, financial year end, contact details, and many more.

SARS Services

The South African Revenue Services requires all South African companies to register for tax and by law it is required that an individual and /or business owner pay tax on their earned income. Therefore after a company is registered at CIPC it is highly recommended that it also complies with SARS laws. If you intend to apply for tenders or contracts with government and private sectors, you will subsequently need a valid Tax number, Tax clearance certificate and VAT number (where applicable). All of which we offer plus much much more, see our pricelist for details.

BEE Compliant

The South African Government has introduced the BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) initiative to address the historical inbalances of this country and to facilitate the participation of black people in the mainstream economy. All Black companies with annual turnover of R10 million or less, qualifies for Level 1, which enables them a 20/20 scoring points. To become BEE compliant, a company can apply for either a BEE certificate or affidavit, which are both required when applying for tenders or contracts. This gives your company the competitive advantage, specially over those who are non compliant. We have a highly qualified team of Accountants who will ensure that all your BEE requirements as a black business are effectively met.

Business Plans

A credible business plan remains as the key to unlocking the doors of financing your business; whether it be a startup or a going concern looking to expand its operation. We specialise in creating a business plan that will speak to your potential funders/financiers on all aspects and taking into account its aspiration for growth. Every plan is unique and tailor made to suit its business environment and needs.

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